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Successfactors Training

SAP S4 on HANA and GL Requirements gathering questions

1. Chart Of Accounts Definition 1.1. How many legal entities do you have? 1.2. Do they all use the same chart of accounts? 1.3. Do they all use the same accounting calendar? 1.4. Do they all use the same currency? 1.5. In how many sites are these legal entities located? … Continue reading

Houston SAP HANA Modelling overview

Data Modelling SAP HANA includes tools for data modeling, data and lifecycle management, and security. The SAP HANA modeling studio enables businesses to organize and manage data, leveraging compression and column-store techniques to allow analysis of tens of terabits of data in main memory. Data can even be partitioned to … Continue reading

My Successfactors work at a client

My Successfactors work at a client I was an EC consultant I worked on the overall architecture, data mapping and business requirements to implement Employee Central, Rubbermaid had a lot of custom rules that were created in the legacy system, we had to write over 300 rules or propagation of … Continue reading

SAP Successfactors Goals

1. Selected an existing Template and did a Save As with a different name( Admin Center  Goal Management  Mange template ) 2. Modified the Start and End date from General setting. 3. Clicked on Save and returned to Managed templates   4. User view of Goals. 5. Selected … Continue reading