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SAP BI/BW Training

SAP BI/BW – Training.

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SAP BW- Data Warehousing-Training Outline

Unit 1: SAP Net Weaver and BI: Overview, Positioning and Fundamentals

Unit 2: Objects in the BI Data Warehouse Layer

Unit 3: Data Acquisition and Transformation from SAP Source Systems

Unit 4: Data Acquisition from Other Systems

Unit 5: Business Content

Unit 6: Other InfoProviders


SAP Business Intelligence – Data Staging & Extraction

Unit 1: Overview of SAP BW

Unit 2: Data Transfer with the Service API

Unit 3: Delta Management

Unit 4: Transfer of Flat Files

Unit 5: Data Transfer with DB Connect

Unit 6: Data Transfer with UDC

Unit 7: XML-Based Extraction

Unit 8: Data Transfer with Third-Party ETL Tools

Unit 9: Data Mart Interface

Unit 10: Open Hub Service

Unit 11: Application-Specific Extraction


SAP Business Intelligence – BW Modeling

Unit 1: Logical Model

Unit 2: Tracking History and Hierarchies

Unit 3: Modeling Characteristics and Key Figures

Unit 4: Modeling DSO/ODS Objects

Unit 5: Multidimensional Modeling

Unit 6: Changing the Data Model

Unit 7: Administration of Data Targets

SAP Business Intelligence – Reporting & Analysis

Unit 1: Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting

Unit 2: Navigating in Reports

Unit 3: First Steps in the BEx Query Designer

Unit 4: Key Figures

Unit 5: Characteristics

Unit 6: Variables

Unit 7: Exceptions and Conditions

Unit 8: BEx Analyzer

Unit 9: BEx Web Analyzer

Unit 10: Information Broadcasting

Unit 11: Enterprise Portal Integration

Unit 12: Document Integration

Unit 13: Report-Report-Interface

Unit 14: Managing Query Objects

Unit 15: Business Content

Unit 16: Further SAP BI Reporting Tools

Unit 17: Appendix

Unit 8: Introduction to Query Performance Optimization