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SAP FICO Advanced – New GL


Benefits and Functionality of the New General Ledger

Unified Financial and Management Accounting



Supports Different Reporting Purposes:

Multidimensional Analysis:

Saves Cost and Time:

Extensibility for Customer Dimensions

(i) Industry Specific fields.
(ii) Customer-defined fields.

(i) Integration of management dimentions in the GL.
(ii) Supports allocation on additional dimensions in the GL.

Balanced Books for any Dimension

(i) Balance sheets for segments.
(ii) KPI (Key Performance Indicator) including Balance sheets accounts.

 New GL

Classic GL vs New GL


Table Architecture: Classic GL vs New GL

New Table Architecture_001

Parallel Accounting

parallel ledger

Document Splitting

In new General Ledger Accounting these are the scenarios that are available for customers to activate:

      • FIN_SEGM: Segment Reporting

        • FIN_PCA: Profit Center Update

        • FIN_GSBER: Business Area

        • FIN_UKV: Cost of Sales Accounting

        • FIN_CONS: Preparation for Consolidation

        • FIN_CCA : Cost Center Update

Splitting method